Aydan Court

Neighbors for Responsible Growth opposed this high density development which was proposed for an environmentally sensitive area, directly adjacent to the Little Creek Waterfowl Impoundment.   The Council agreed not to create a new zone that would have been needed to approve this project.  The proposal was located next to the Jordan Lake watershed and low lying wetland areas which discharge close to the Lake, the source of drinking water for many communities. The area is also designated as a State Significant Natural Heritage Area. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission sent a letter suggesting a 150 yard safety buffer from adjacent game lands.

The project was again presented to the Council on Feb 21, 2011.  NRG opposed the rezoning in this statement.

The project came before the Council again on June 20, 2011 and was again rejected.

Thanks due these Council members
Citizens Comments
Twelve Questions for Council Members

2 Responses to Aydan Court

  1. The area is already bumper to bumper with only two lanes each way.l When the Unc Students come back it is a huge gridlock for traffic trying to get on and off of I-40, also with Football , Basketball season each year. I cannot believe how much more overcrowding there will be with the proposed Aydan Cout. We have lived in Downing Creek for 22 years and it gets worse year after year.

  2. Charles and Diana Coble

    Council Members,

    We are concerned that the issue of potentially rezoning an area we thought was fully protected from dense development is coming up for another vote on June 20 – the Aydan Court proposal. We do not support this proposal and strongly urge you to oppose it as well.

    Charles & Diana Coble
    109 Rose Lane
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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