NRG Actions to Date

What has NRG been doing to ensure Carolina North will be an asset to our community?

  • NRG sponsored a community discussion on Carolina North on 6/04/07
  • NRG held a Public Forum on Carolina North Traffic Impacts on 5/03/09
  • NRG conducted a Community Survey and focus groups on the impacts of projected Carolina North traffic on neighborhoods in April 2009
  • NRG worked with bicycle advocates to seek Town and UNC comittment to an off road campus to campus bicycle connector
  • On 5/11/09 NRG submitted a report, Transportation Planning and Carolina North: Recommendations of Citizens in Northern Chapel Hill and Carrboro (PDF), to the Chapel Hill Town Council.  The report was based on our public meeting, focus groups and surveys.  Many of these recommendations were adopted by UNC and the Town in the final development agreement.
  • NRG presented these reports to the Joint Town Council – Board of Trustee working group, May – June 2009
  • NRG met with Town Council members to encourage them to include wording in the final agreement that would protect neighborhoods
  • Final Agreement signed in June 2009
  • NRG is working with the Town Council and staff to ensure that the Council adopts a Public Participation plan that will ensure public input on major decisions in Carolina North
  • NRG is the parent group of the Campus to Campus Bicycle Connector Group which is working actively to see that this important connection is built

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