Voice your concerns about the Central West Focus Area

The Town Council will meet on Tuesday, November 26 at 6 pm to make the final decision on long-range plans for areas surrounding Estes Drive and MLK.

We are asking three things of everyone who wants to ‘have a say’ in the plan for this area before the Council votes on Nov 26th.

•   Sign the petition to the Town Council to support the Citizens’ Alternate Plan by clicking here:   http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/support-the-citizen-plan/sign.html.

Compare the plans.  You can read the Citizens’ Small Area Plan by clicking on it from the Central West Citizens website: http://centralwestcitizens.wordpress.com/data/citizens-small-area-plan-for-central-west/and compare to the Committee’s Proposed Small Area Plan http://centralwestcitizens.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/committee-central-west_draft-small-area-plan_10-11-2013-copy.pdf. The Citizens’ Alternate Plan will add half as much traffic to Estes Drive, already a heavily traveled cross town connecting road that backs up for over a mile at peak times.

•   Write a letter to the Town Council. One email address will get to the entire Council:   mayorandcouncil@townofchapelhill.org Ask the Council to approve a plan that limits new traffic on Estes and commits the Town to doing basic studies before rezoning occurs.  Read the petition to the Planning Board on the Central West website here:  http://centralwestcitizens.wordpress.com/data/petition-to-planning-board/.

•   Attend the Council Public hearing at 6 pm on November 26th at the Southern Human Services Center (located behind the Seymour Center on Homestead Road.  The Town Council voted to put the Central West item on a separate meeting night to ensure seating (unlike the October 21 hearing where there was little room). Your attendance makes a difference.

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