Neighborhood initiative

On Wed., November 16th a meeting was held by residents of the Franklin-Rosemary Historic District regarding recent conversion of a single-family home on North Street into a student-occupied duplex with eight units.  Another property on the street has been bought by the same developer and is expected to be similarly converted.  While student rentals throughout the central Chapel Hill community are common, there is a point at which a residential area becomes student dominated and loses its residential character.  Examples of this are seen in the on-going battles in  Northside and the Cameron-McCauley area as well as Davie Circle.  While we all love having students around, too much of a good thing leads to neighborhood decline with excessive parking, poor maintenance, trash and loud parties.  The meeting generated interest in neighborhoods working together to address this issue with the Town, both through improved enforcement of existing ordinances as well as seeking additional ways in which the character of these in-town neighborhoods can be preserved.  The first item on the ‘to do’ list is to participate in the Comprehensive Planning Meetings starting with the Theme Reporting Meeting on Sat. Nov. 19th from 10:30 – 12:30 at the Chapel Hill High School Cafeteria.  This is where decisions about the future character of our town will be decided.   Please also come support the Northside community when they go to Council on Monday, Nov. 21st to gain support for limiting developer-owned student rentals in their neighborhood.  Every battle that is won helps us all.  Please add your comments to this blog!

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