Aydan Court Reprise

On the evening of May 25, just when it appeared 5 Council members were ready to deny the rezoning, the Council decided to delay the vote and continue the public hearing.  The case was made by the Mayor that since a 5 – 3 vote on a rezoning would require two votes anyway, the Council might as well wait.  In addition Council Member Czajkowski  said there was information on R1 the Council needed to see since that is the existing zone.   However the matter  before the Council is whether to grant the requested rezoning to high density.  We believe the Council must vote on the merits of the developer’s request to build 90 condos on a Significant Natural Heritage area adjacent to a water fowl impoundment.

If the developer’s zoning request is denied we think it more likely she would seek a compromise option rather than to seek a single family option.  The public hearing was continued until June 20, but there is a plan to move the hearing to Tuesday, June 21st because of the heavy Council agenda. Stay tuned.

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  1. Deborah Fulghieri

    I am struck by the advice given to Ms Zinn by her lawyer in 2008, to the effect that the Army Corps of Engineers guidelines should be disregarded because the ACE property is larger than hers, and that the suggestions by the NC Dept of Natural Resources can be ignored since they are not binding under law. I think this interpretation on the part of her lawyer is dangerous because it encourages the developer to ignore real hunting and environmental hazards to future inhabitants of Aydan Court, and creates a real liability on her part with regard to them.

    Deborah Fulghieri

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