Campus to Campus Bicycle Path

A committee of NRG has worked with the town staff and UNC since 2009 to push forward a mostly off-road bicycle path between UNC campus and Carolina North.  The Carolina North Agreement memoralized the commitment that was made between Chapel Hill and UNC and outlined steps for identifying a route.  That work has been completed shown in this  Map of selected route.

What we need now is a framework and a plan outlined by elected officials to move to the next steps of design and funding.

It is disappointing to learn that this item is not scheduled for public discussion but appears on the consent agenda.   The Manager’s Memo suggests putting the Connector into the Transportation Improvement Plan, which is not destined to receive any funding given DOT funding reductions. We don’t object to this action, but we call for more public discussion.

We want the Council to make the Campus to Campus Connector a priority.

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