Downtown Plan Meeting

Some community organizations concerned about the impact of the Kling-Stubbins proposal for downtown Chapel Hill redevelopment have organized a meeting for Tuesday, February 22nd from 6-8 PM at the St. Paul AME Church to discuss the proposal.    Childcare and light refreshments will be served.   Kling-Stubbins will make a presentation on information relevant to Northside and there will be questions from 5 panelists including Michelle Laws, Jim Merritt,  someone from the Planning Dept staff, CJ Suitt, and Gladys Pendergraph, and open questions from the audience.

One Response to Downtown Plan Meeting

  1. Julie McClintock

    I attended the meeting at St Paul AME Church last Tuesday which began with wonderful singing from the Church choir. A consultant to the Town of Chapel Hill from King-Stubbins presented the draft plan to renovate downtown. the Consultant was not able to answer simple questions from the audience such as the status of the plan or how it lated to the Neighborhood Conservation District plan done a few years ago. Some in the audience assumed that this plan had already been adopted by the Town and did not understand it was yet to be reviewed. The consultant presentation focused on potential changes for the downtown and did not address the impacts – good and bad – on the downtown neighborhoods. He emphasized the return on the dollar for the properties and did not say he was looking for input. The meeting was interrupted a number of times by loud and angry comments from those in the large audience. Many people in Northside and other adjacent neighborhoods said they do not feel they are part of Town decisions.

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